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Jun 1, 2015

Victrola! is a monthly smorgasbord of audio-phonic chaos. Sketch comedy culled together from improvised bits and forged into a single, mighty podcast! 

Brought to you by the fine folks at Austin's ColdTowne Theater. Written by and Starring Michael JastrochBob McNicholBryan RobertsLance GilstrapCortnie Jones and Jericho Thorp.

This month features special guests Will Cleveland (Stool Pigeon, Play By Play) and David Jara (Mascot Wedding, Stag! Comedy, Master Pancake)!

Produced by Michael Jastroch, iin collaboration with our good friends at Humordy (, ColdTowne Theater ( and Got Your Back! (

On this months episode "Eat, Pray, Blood":

Bus Trolls and Duke Holes

Bible Meeting

Dr. Crinkle's Cure

Williamson County Fair


McGutchin County Book Club

The Barefoot Businessman