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Mar 31, 2020

We've never let appropriate social distancing stop us before, so why would we do so now? The answer is no reason, because we wouldn't. 

Please enjoy this BRAND NEW FULL LENGTH EPISODE pulled from our Monday night live stream. That's right, 30 minutes of Victrola right on schedule. Pandemic be pandamned.

This was recorded live over zoom/twitch, and because of that the sound quality is not up to our usual standards in a few places. But we are learning at a geometric rate and expect it to get more passable by each passing week. 

You can catch the live stream every Monday at 8pm CST on ColdTowneTV (

If you're able, kick a few bucks to our theater, ColdTowne by donating, buying a gift card or investing in some merchandise that will 100% appreciate in value.* (



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