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Nov 4, 2020

Woah! Here it is, our November full length episode! If you were our Patreon you could have had it a full eighteen hours early to distract you from the monumentally stressful election that's probably still happening as we write this.

Challenging month. Lot's of tech problems, so there's a few sound issues here and there but it's listenable and funny. I hope these 40 minutes of chaos can distract you like they distracted us!

This month's episode features cameos by Jose Gonzales, Tauri Laws-Phillips and Ryan Darbonne!

Don't forget, we got some fun merchandise for sale here if you're looking to wear some inside jokes on your chest:

Track Listing:

Snowy's Snowcones

Thomas Larson's Therapy Apointment

Highschool Campaign 

Carl's Tree House

Submarine Revisited

CBS Is Drunk