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Apr 15, 2020

We had to take last week off due to some last minute technical difficulties, which we sorted out. Which means we got another special quarantine edition of Victrola for you. 

Listen, we're recording over the internet so the sound quality aint quite as good. It's a little rougher around the edges, but it's a fairly solid half hour of Victrola. 

Want to catch the stream? We're over at every Monday at 8pm CST. This week, we're going to work with the chat to build out a set list as an experiment. POP ON OVER!

If you want to support Victrola, you can kick our theater a few bucks to help us keep the lights on until this thing passes. Head to for exclusive merchandise, information on our live streams or to kick us a couple of bucks.

Watch this space or our first ever Victrola tee shirt! Coming soon! 


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