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Jan 31, 2023

Hark! Our 3rd full length episode of Season Seven arrives to smite and lay waste to boredom! Huzzah! Featuring special guests from around the planet! Jacque Arend (Torch Theatre), Marisol Chavez (Torch Theatre), and Alrinthea Carter (Alchemy Theater)!
We dig this episode and hope you do too! Got a favorite scene, line or moment? Let us know. Got a guest you want to see return? Hit us up. As always, thanks to our awesome Patrons. Especially those of you coming in at the $5/$10 level:
Jake and Jen
Misunderestimated Masterpiece
The Coin Guy
Benjamin Burns
Bryce McWilliams
Becca Andrews
Tabi Burleson
Kareem Badr
Stephen Whipple
John Krebs
David S Berry
Justin Linville
Lacy Cox
Peter Beare
Curtis Luciani
Khalil Salome
Frank Roberts
Lee Eddy
JD Monteith
In other news, don't forget we've got merchandise for sale over at Tee Public!
Furler's Flourist
Captain's Meeting
Bulk Trash Collection
Austin Aquarium
Dinner Party