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Jan 31, 2023

WOAH! Big news, Vultures! After some soul searching, we've decided it's time to monetize the podcast. We've launched a Patreon for you to directly support us (

New, full length episodes will ALWAYS be free, but if you want our weekly microsodes and that sweet, sweet bonus content you'll have to kick us a whole dollar a month.

You may also have noticed that Seasons 1-3 have disappeared from the feed. We've put some of our archives behind a paywall. For three bucks a month, you get access to 100s of hours of inside jokes that your friends won't get!

We're excited to play around with this and engage with you, our loyal listeners. We've got some awesome stuff planned, including live streams, Q&As and also some script readings in addition to finally finishing our BSCSU pilot, more Candy Crew episodes and even some animation. Thank you for your support!

Don't got $1? No problem! Keep listening, and remember the best way to support us is leaving a review on iTunes!

Victrola is produced by Michael Jastroch and stars Cortnie Jones, Lance Gilstrap, Bryan Roberts, Bob McNichol, Jericho Thorp, Molly Moore, Dalton Allen and features special guest Jose Gonzales!

Track Listing

Moon Station Alpha

Chevy Pitch Meeting

Roommate Meeting

Robert Mackadoo, Job Seeker

Kids Show Dressing Room

Gumptions Olde Time Candy Shoppe