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Apr 22, 2020

We're back! Still hashing out the best way to do these live streams and to make it listenable for both the folks tuning into the stream as well as the listeners to the podcast.

GOOD NEWS: We're getting there, and will keep the stream going with some audience participation. Tune in Mondays at8pm Central at

BAD NEWS: Still figuring out tech and the best strategy for audio files. It sounds OKAY, but not perfect. Getting the levels right on both the stream and the recording is... challenging. But we'll get there. Hey, it's listenable!

If you want to support Victrola, you can kick our theater a few bucks to help us keep the lights on until this thing passes. Head to for exclusive merchandise, information on our live streams or to kick us a couple of bucks. 

Watch this space or our first ever Victrola tee shirt! Coming soon! 


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Rock Climbing Instructor