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Dec 2, 2020

GREETINGS! Here it is, our Season 6 Finale!
We can't tell you how much it means to us that you feel like what we're doing is worth listening to. As shitty as this year has been for us, recording every week was a huge bright spot that frankly got us through some rough patches. We hope listening to us laugh at our own jokes made things a little more bearable.
Two things:
1) This is the Finale, but we still have some microsodes coming in December. The catch is you got to subscribe to our Patreon to hear em and all the other bonus content we released in 2020. You can get access to the rest of the December episodes for $1. Seriously. Head to to check it out.
2) We ended the Season later than normal because our release schedule was so wacky in the spring. We'll start releasing new content the first week of February
Don't forget: we got merch available at Tee Public (Grab a cool shirt for yourselves here:
See you in 2021!
Track Listing
New Year's Eve
Secret Santa
Labor And Delivery