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Feb 3, 2021

This is it! Season 7 of Victrola is a go! For those of you keeping track, that's nearly a decade of content.  Special thanks to our Patreons for their support!

Don't forget: you can get access to our archives and weekly bonus episodes for as little as $1/Month over at!

We'd like to thank our $5/$10 Patreon for their contributions to the cause:

Mike Smith, Benjamin Burns, Bryce McWilliams, Becca Andrews, Tabi Burleson, Kareem Badr, Stephen Whipple, John Krebs, David S Berry, Peter Beare, Curtis Luciani, Frank Roberts, Lee Eddy, JD Monteith,  Kahlil Salome, Kenny Madison, Avery!

In other news, don't forget we've got merchandise for sale over at Tee Public!

In other other news, we have officially inited Jose Gonzales to join us as a permanent cast member! 

Get excited, cause we got more fun in store for you this year!


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National Park Ranger Station

U-haul Customer Service

Spin Class

Car Dealership

Chopper Buddies