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Jan 31, 2023

WARNING: this month's episode features a ton of shark references as well as a scene set inside our absolute favorite Austin establishment (aside from ColdTowne Theater) and the world's greatest movie theater, the Alamo Drafthouse.

I guess that second part is not really a warning, come to think of it. But if you're not from Austin and don't know the Drafthouse, it's a cool theater where you get to order food and drink and they kick you out if you're a jack ass and spoil the movie. 

This month's episode features national treasure Jose Gonzalez (Torch Theatre, Galapagos), Meredith Mae Roberts, Joseph Daily (Midnight Society) and Valerie Ward (PGraph).

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Victrola is brought to you by the fine folks at Austin's ColdTowne Theater. Written by and Starring Michael JastrochBob McNicholBryan RobertsLance GilstrapCortnie Jones and Jericho Thorp. And now, at long last, Molly Moore!

Produced by Michael Jastroch, with editing by Dalton Allen - in collaboration with our good friends at Humordy ( and ColdTowne Theater (


Austin Crafts Expo 1975
Alamo Drafthouse
Panda Express Job Interview
General's Palace Restaurant
Jaws 1975
Deborah's Slumber Party
This Film Has Been Edited For Television