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Oct 16, 2019

This is it, another Microsode to tide you over before our next full length episode!***

*** Some minor audio issue in this one owing to a faulty connection! Thank you for not complaining.

A reminder, we have an album now FREE to stream on Spotify (right here: 

Oct 9, 2019

In honor of Victrola history month, we're rereleasing some older episodes back into the feed. Our fourth episode, Southern Hospitality, features the classic Jurrasic Park, La Quinta and Hobby Lobby sketches as well as forgotten nuggets like Space Shuttle and Donny's Diner!

Oct 2, 2019


We've got a cavalcade of special, special guests who joined us for a secret recording session during the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival last month. Check out this line up of improv legends:

Rich Talarico 

Bob Dassie 

Craig Cackowski

Not to mention cameos from Dave Buckman and Bob McNichol!