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Jan 31, 2023

Please enjoy our latest full length episode LOOPTY SCREWED, cause let's face it that's how we're all feeling right now. Hopefully, this injects a small measure of escapism into your ears. I know the hour we record every week does the same for us.
Our incredible Patreon supporters got access to this beast a full eighteen hours early! Not to mention - length wise - nearly enough content to make a second full length episode. All for $1 a month! Kick us a buck to help show your support, or kick a little more to get access to our back episodes! Every little bit helps keep us going.
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We're so close to having the audio back to pre COVID standards, but please excuse some popped Ps and at least one shitty connection. We said it last month, but it seems like something goes awry each recording session.  
We're also honored to be joined this month by Jose Gonzalez (Torch Theater), Jon Bolden, and Allison Webster.
Also, we got some ads this month from our podcast network, ColdTowne Radio. Give our sister programs a listen!
Roller Coaster
Elementary School Career Day
RV Expo
Another Damn Star Trek Sketch
Disney Resort Hotel
Trunk Or Treat