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Pre-Order Victrola's Debut Album!

Sep 28, 2017

"Virtual Aurality" Available for PRE ORDER on iTunes:

You can preview the album on soundcloud here:

As you're no doubt sick of hearing, our debut album on Sure Thing Records comes out OCTOBER 5th. Pre orders start... now. If you're thinking of buying this thing, do us a solid and purchase an advance copy. There are no special rewards for your behavior other than the knowledge that you're a good person, and isn't that enough?

ABOUT THE ALBUM: America’s only podcast Victrola is partnering with America’s only record label Sure Thing Records to release a full length comedy album, "Virtual Aurality" - the world's first and only non-interactive, audio-only virtual reality album.

Join us during ColdTowne Theater's Anniversary lock in weekend on Sunday, October 15th for drinks and a very special live episode recording of our monthly podcast!

Virtual Aurality will be available on online retailers (iTunes,, starting October 5th! Enjoy Vultures!